How do I get the Zoom App on iPhone?

On the iPhone, please go to the Apple App store and search for "Zoom." Install ZOOM Cloud Meetings ( Please note, you do not need to create a Zoom account to access the online services.

Do I have to keep my video on during online services?

In general, we encourage you to leave your video camera on to facilitate the experience of joining a group meditation, but of course you may turn your video off.

I can’t see my video, but it worked earlier

To check if you turned off your video by mistake after the previous meditation, please view the instructions provided in the following Zoom Help link: (

Why was my video shut off during the meditation?

To maintain SRF standards for the Online Meditation Center, your video may have been turned off by the usher if there was something on your screen which prompted the action. In such cases, the usher will try to get the attendee’s attention using the chat function at the bottom of the screen (next to the participants icon). If you see the chat icon light up orange, the usher is trying to get your attention.

How can I turn my video off before entering an online service?

If you would like a video preview box to show up before you enter the online services, there is an option in your Zoom settings called "Always show video preview." If this is checked "ON" then every time you enter a meeting, a video preview box will open and give you the choice to turn your video on or off before you enter the meeting. Additionally, you can also turn on the option in your Zoom settings: "Always turn my video off." This means you will always enter the meeting with your video off.

I have security concerns about Zoom

The SRF Online Meditation Center has enabled default global account settings for our account from our very first inaugural meditation in October 2019. These settings eliminate the concerns regarding a Zoom “bombing” that had been prevalent in the news. The following settings allow us to have full control over our meetings: - For all participants, screen sharing and chat are turned off. - All participants are automatically muted upon entry and cannot unmute themselves. - Video can be im...

Changing your name in Zoom

To change your name, sign in to the Zoom web portal ( and click “Profile.” Your Zoom profile allows you to update your user information, including your name, email address, and more. You can also change your display name once you sign into the meditation: Changing Your Display Name in Zoom - Click on your participant window. Hover your mouse over the right upper corner of your window till you see three dots. - Click on the three dots and select “Rename.” Edit an...

I am getting an error message "Host has another meeting in progress."

This generally indicates that you are trying to join the meditation from the wrong calendar event. Please check that you are clicking on the correct event in the calendar at the time of the meditation (sometimes devotees can confuse 9:00 a.m. for 9:00 p.m. in the calendar, for example).

Which audio option should I use from a mobile device?

When joining a service from your mobile device, you will need to choose an option on how to receive audio, otherwise you won’t hear the audio at all. Your options are: "Wi-fi or Cellular Data” or "call in." Generally, you’ll want to choose “Wi-fi or Cellular Data,” which will use your internet connection or data. The "Dial in" option would be used if you want to call in via your phone line. If you choose that option, Zoom will give you a phone number to call in order to hear the audio. This ...

I can't hear the service leader.

The leader’s sound level is checked before the service begins to ensure it is loud enough. After that, the loudness depends on the participants’ equipment. To address sound issues during meditations, we advise that you connect an external, powered speaker with its own volume control, or try another device to access the meditations. If you prefer headphones, then an external headphone amplifier would work.